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All the published books and texts mentioned on this website are public and can be ordered directly at any time by writing to me at my email address.

andrade             racinet              faverot       DE ANDRADE                         RACINET                           FAVEROT

baucher racinetfallacies racinetfuss               BAUCHER               RACINET (english)        RACINET (german)                          

    Those translations or texts of mine which have been published by established publishing houses can obviously be ordered in the conventional manner and acquired through the normal channels of the book distribution system. But if you do prefer a less impersonal path, and in many cases a faster delivery, or if you wish, for instance, a personally dedicated copy, why not get them directly from me?   

    Some of the texts (private editions, texts which I presented publicly but which have not been published yet, and short texts which I prepare on individual request but which are of interest to a wider public) are not, or only to a limited extent, available through the normal channels of distribution (bookstores, internet distributors etc.). You can get them by writing to me.
    By ordering directly from me, you allow me to measure the actual degree of interest my work elicits and the contact you establish between us is a gratifying fulfillment of the intention of this website, namely to cultivate personal dialogue. 

    Postage within the EU is free-of-charge! (please inquire for other countries)

Support your translators, your ambassadors for intercultural communication!

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