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I was born and educated in Vienna, Austria (Theresianische Akademie). From adolescence on, I frequently worked in the domains of the media and the arts (TV, theatre, radio, publishing). University studies and Ph.D. in Communication Theory and Sociology (Universities of Vienna and Salzburg). Fulbright Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (University of Pennsylvania); Professorships at French and English Canadian universities in Communication Theory, Psychology, and Sociology (e.g. Université de Montréal, McGill University, Université Laval, Ottawa University, Université St. Paul etc.); psychotherapeutic work (communication dysfunctions in families); project direction of international collaborative programs for the reintegration of juvenile delinquents and multinational humanitarian aid programs; research and consulting related to technical innovation of communication systems (governments of France and Canada), in the domain of health and social welfare, and related to the planning of museums (Canada) ; editor of scientific journals; conceptualization of educational TV programs; numerous stage rôles (French and English theatre); translations of musicological texts.

I was first introduced to horses and riding (in a "grandfatherly" manner, as is fit for young people) by the then recently-retired former Head Rider of the Spanish Riding School, E. Lindenbauer. Later, in the 70s, I had the opportunity to further my knowledge of this classical approach through instruction by A. Kottas-Heldenberg (then Head Rider) and by Capt. A. de Popiel (Polish cavalry officer and former student at the SRS under G. Polak).
Until into the 80s I studied under the guidance of M. le Cdt. A. de Padirac, the undeniably most eminent Guériniérist of his generation (former écuyer at the Cadre noir, founder and director of the Académie équestre de Touraine) and with M. Jean-Yves Bonnet (Saumur, founder and director of the Ecole d'équitation de Salmiech).
During my numerous stays in Portugal, I learned from Dr. G. Borba (founder and former director of the Escola portuguesa de arte equestre) and Sr. L. Valença-Rodrigues (former head-rider and co-founder of the EPAE; director and co-founder of the Centro hípico de Lezíria grande).
Jumping instruction under T. Millar (later Chef d'équipe of the national team of Canada) and D. Ballard (now FEI olympic course designer for jumping), regular eventing instruction under Capt. Popiel (the "father" of eventing in Canada), and clinics with M. J. LeGoff (former écuyer at the Cadre noir, olympic gold medal winner, national coach of the US eventing team).
And because learning happens in many ways and because the purpose here is not to write a litany of names but to express my gratitude to those who taught me, how could I not mention the innumerable cold winter mornings spent with Mestre N. Oliveira (whose horses I never rode and who yet accepted me "into" a teacher-pupil dialogue) and the nearly 20 years of exchange, collaboration, and amitié which Jean-Claude Racinet granted me - deeply instructive and formative influences both.
Over the last 35 years, I have run my own school and training stable as well as a small breeding operation in Eastern Canada, later managed various equestrian establishments on the Canadian Pacific coast.
I regularly taught professional and college-level courses in the area of horse management and of riding theory (in Canada, in English and in French).
Served as consultant for conceptualizing, planning, and organizing riding facilities.
Taught long-term and in clinics in Canada, the US, in Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, and Austria.
Since my return to Europe, published translations of several of the great masterworks of the equestrian literature, participate in various colloquia, and maintain my regular international clinic circuits.

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