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    To date, six of the Great Classics of equestrian literature have been published:


    Translations into German: 
    from the Portuguese, Manoel Carlos de Andrade, the first-ever (into any language) translation of Luz da liberal e nobre arte da cavallaria, the "Bible" of classical baroque Portuguese riding and the canon of today's Escola portuguesa de arte equestre;

  from the French, the 13th edition of the Méthode d'équitation of François Baucher, of his last statements, the pinnacle of his development of the "Second Method", as well as the most concise and practice-oriented description of baucherist training, Le dressage méthodique du cheval de selle by F. Faverot de Kerbrech, and Jean-Claude Racinet's seminal text L'Equitation de légèreté, hailed as the "Third Method of Baucherism";

    and from the English,  the last and now regrettably posthumously published book by Jean-Claude RacinetAuf dem falschen Fuß. Kritische Betrachtungen der modernen Dressur, his anatomical and biomechanic justifications for Légèreté, the focus of his last 10 years of work.

    I have also had the honour of serving as editor of the original text of the last-mentioned book by Jean-Claude Racinet, published in English under the title Falling for Fallacies. Misleading Commonplace Notions of Dressage Riding.


These seminal works (a total of nearly 2000 pages) can all be ordered directly from this website.

Readers who do not master the languages of the originals sufficiently well to  do better than "getting the gist" of the texts but who are reasonably competent in German will find that "parallel reading" of the respective source texts, on the one hand, and of the German translations, on the other, affords a deeper understanding because all the German versions contain sections with extensive Annotations and References by the translator.



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