It is my pleasure to announce that the following works of the equestrian literature are in preparation:

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«Dressage méthodique du cheval de selle. D'après les derniers enseignements de F. Baucher, recueillis par un de ses élèves» (1891)
(The Systematic Training of the Riding Horse, as previously published)
in one volume together with
Joseph Louis Gabriel RUL
«Progression méthodique du dressage avec un simple filet de tous les chevaux de la cavalerie» (1870)
(The Systematic Training with a Simple Snaffle Bit, applicable to all Cavalry Horses)
(first German translation)
«Baucher et l'équitation d'extérieur. Ses dernières instructions» (1909)
(Baucher and the training of the sports horse: His last instructions)
(first German translation)

Working title:
Schulpferd und Gebrauchspferd. Faverot de Kerbrech - Rul - Boisgilbert: Die beiden Ausbildungslehren von François Baucher, nach seinen allerletzten Anweisungen
(School Horse and general Riding Horse. The two systems of training taught by François Baucher, according to his very last instructions)
Cadmos Verlag
Fall 2010


This book can be pre-ordered directly from me as of now by writing to my email address.



New French translation of
«Das Gymnasium des Pferdes», Potsdam 1886
to be published as:
«Le gymnase du cheval»
in collaboration with Patrice Franchet d'Espèrey, Ecuyer at the Cadre noir, Saumur
(with grant support from the French Ministère de la culture)

Initially planned to be published in 2010, we have unfortunately got "stuck" in the bureaucratic maze and are presently aiming at bringing out the new translation in 2011.  

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